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The Information Technology 

Infrastructure & Engineering

Business Project

Obviously, COMPUTIS is not just one business project, it's a cluster of IT driven business projects. It includes a myriad of deriving business sockets combining innovation, technology, and governance techniques.

The business socket feature makes COMPUTIS a genuine business pipeline that extends way beyond what some call a business incubator. There are certain dependency constraints, therefore, as soon as the Haiti Data Center & Cloud Computing project becomes successful, we will be fully documenting and creating multiple other sustainable business opportunities summarized in the formal business project document that is available for potential investors. 

The effort to build the Haiti Data Center & Cloud Computing project started years if not decades ago. Almost all the attention has been concentrated in developing reliable Governance and Business Management Solution Software, as well as in prototyping and building technical frameworks. The title of the project is perhaps not very telling, even for the most tech savvy persons. Some generally focus on the Data Center part, paying less or not enough attention to the second part of the project title, which is Cloud Computing.

The most common definitions given to Cloud Computing is: “An approach to computing that leverages the efficient pooling of an on-demand, self-managed, virtual infrastructure”. Take a closer look at the definition it-self; have you noticed that the term computing remains? That is right, in this project the data center and the cloud infrastructure is just a pipeline to deliver a full range of computing services, in other words the real project is about computing as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary : “determining especially by mathematical means; also: to determining or calculating by means of a computer”.

With COMPUTIS, CyberGouvernance could be Haiti's trademark in the world. It is involved in every aspect of computing matter, including :

Artificial Intelligence,

Machine Learning,
Internet of Thing,


Hacker Academy,

Software Factory,

Data Center,


5G Technology,

Absolute Data Capture and Collection Systems


​Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals
COMPUTIS’s preliminary goal is to be the first cloud service provider in Haiti and to leverage its data center and cloud infrastructure to become the leader among IT organizations in providing secure, high quality, and responsive service to government and private organizations in meeting their growth needs driven by governance techniques. Taking full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, and building a high-performing dedicated workforce. 
COMPUTIS aims at transforming and modernizing Haiti’s IT ecosystem to bring efficiency, transparency and accountability and governance techniques in State affairs and business management.
In other to shake up and reshape Haiti’s IT ecosystem, and to bring efficiency in government and business management, we need to:

  • Build state-of-the-art Data Center and deploy Cloud Computing Services

  • Build products and services using reliable Open Source projects, create an open source platform and weigh in the outsourcing business.

  • Create a couple of high-tech organizations including The Hacker Academy and The Software Factory, to educate well-qualified and skilled resources and to develop innovative, complex and intelligent computing systems.

  • Develop realistic and sustainable Governing Process Architecting Framework, including transparency, accountability, and efficiency in service delivery. This is the best opportunity for Haiti to fill the gap and reach by every standard the state of competitiveness.

  • Target sectors like Education, HealthCare, Environment, Justice etc., and create business process framework, involving the government, non-government and private organizations to create an environment that will create jobs, that will deliver services efficiently. The outcome of well-delivered services will engender new opportunity that will lead to economic growth and sustainable job growth.

  • Work with universities and other organizations to develop and support research.

Strategic Goals

COMPUTIS will successfully fulfill its mission in a manner consistent with its vision by achieving the following strategic goals:

  • Public Cloud services deployment, including:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • The Hacker Academy

  • The Software Factory

  • Strong work relationship with the government, private and other non-government sectors, including:

  • Parliamentary, Executive, and Judiciary branches of the State

  • Independent State Offices

  • Banking, Telecom, and Internet Service Providers

  • International Organizations, including USAID, BID, UE, UNDP

  • Local government

  • Organized groups in the private sector

  • Local infrastructure to provide outsourcing services

  • Institute of Cybernetics and Research

Haiti Data Center & Cloud Computing project

COMPUTIS’s project portfolio includes:

  • Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Real-time or Instant Disaster Recovery

  • Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Application

  • Domain name Registration

  • Name Server hosting

  • Web Server hosting

  • Mail Server hosting

  • Spam Filter Application

  • Collaboration and Dashboard Application

  • Fully Integrated Financial and Business Management Systems

  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cybernetics, cyber management or Cyber-Governance Systems

    • Integrated Budget Management Systems

    • Integrated Education Management Systems

    • Integrated Health Care Management Systems

    • Integrated Judicial Management Systems

    • Integrated Election Management Systems

    • Integrated City Management Systems

    • Geographical Information Framework

    • Etc.

  • Accounting, Internal and External Audit Application

  • Survey repository Systems

  • Statistical Computing and Graphics (R)

  • Crowd Funding Framework

  • Online Test and Certification Framework

  • Big Data Systems

  • Data mining Systems

  • Block chain Technology

  • Etc.​

The Products and Services Portfolio section provides more details related to the items above. However, considering the scope of the project in terms of software engineering, some may wonder whether I am not being too optimistic or whether implementing the full scope of this project is even realistic. I would like to remind readers that the implementation of only a few items on the top of the above list is more than enough to guaranty the full success of the project. Also, be reminded that I have come to this after more than a quarter of century of software development and the mastering of the most popular platform. I remain proficient in different flavor of UNIX, Linux, MS-DOS and MS-Windows; and in a wide range of programming language including COBOL, C, C++, Java and C-sharp, etc. I have been Database Administrator (DBA) in a very diverse range of database engines including MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc. Thankfully, to my decade long experience in the United Stated of America, I have learned a great deal in term of data center, virtualization, and most importantly in project management.

Project Management Style

Regardless of the size of the budget or any other resources, project management expertise remains predominant in determining the chance of success of any project. For a couple of decades now I have successfully conducted several projects of various scales, I have also proven that I was capable to conduct several projects simultaneously.

I have adopted a mature agile project management principle based on Cybernetics and the Complex Adaptive System (CAS)evolution theory that leverage the understanding of autonomous human behavior gained from the study of living system in nature. Is it superfluous to mention that I am a member of the American Mathematical Society headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island? Being a mathematician myself, I often joke that if God exists he must be a mathematician. Let us leave it there, do not extrapolate please. I generally lean toward books, articles or theories written or elaborated by mathematicians. My overall approach in terms of management was inspired by one of the most cognitive and comprehensive theory called Cybernetics. This theory was elaborated in 1948 by a mathematician named Norbert Wiener. Wiener’s work was viewed as an inestimable treasure by the American government, therefore, that they wanted to keep it secret, but the author opposed. That’s an example of openness and true integrity that drives every mathematician’s life.

The Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) management framework provides teams with:

  • An intrinsic ability to deal with changes

  • A view of organizations as fluid, adaptive systems composed of intelligent living beings

  • Recognition of the limits of external control in establishing order, and of the role of intelligent control that employs self-organization as a means of establishing order

  • An overall problem-solving approach that is humanistic in that:

    • It regards employees as skilled and valuable stakeholders in the management of a team.

    • It relies on the collective ability of autonomous teams as the basic problem-solving mechanism.

    • It limits up-front planning to a minimum based on an assumption of unpredictability, and instead, lays stress on adaptability to changing conditions.

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